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Welcome to my website! Click around to learn more about my work as a theatrical entrepreneur.This site serves as a collection of all my artistic and production work! I create both experiences and help produce large-scale theater!Learn more below!

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Growing up in New Jersey, I’ve always was interested in art and entertainment. It all started in my backyard with a disposable camera!As technology evolved, I created my first YouTube channel named Sam Co Productions! I produced over 100 videos that included short films, tutorials, and vlogs! As I grew up, I shifted into wanting to produce live work! I've directed, produced and choreographed showcases and plays ever since. I now focus on making guerilla live art happen that people haven't seen before!I’m inspired to create work to blend the lines between technology and art, and I hope you learn more about my projects!

Brand of Experience

Brand of Experience creates boundary-pushing narrative-driven theatrical experiences. The brand opened with its first project, “The Grid Hack,” in 2020. This experience turned your phone into a hacking device as you must solve puzzles and navigate your way around Dumbo. Players had to save the Brooklyn Bridge in the end in this outdoor adventure!Something new is brewing at the brand! Stay subscribed to stay in the know!

My Experiences and Work

  • 2020-2022 | Created The Grid Hack: an outdoor adventure experience

  • 2020 - Current | Production Logistics Manager, The Public Theater

  • 2020 | Brand of Experience Launched

  • 2018 - 2020 | Touring Stage Manager 1984, The Odyssey, Madeline and The Bad Hat

  • 2018 | Producer {Title of Show}

  • 2016-2019 | Production Stage and Livestream Manager at The Bowdoin International Music Festival

  • Pre-2016 | Content Creator for Sam Co Productions.

Art Business Services

I am here to help small art businesses with all their key infrastructure and technological needs including but not limited too:

  • Web Hosting

  • Domain Acquisition and Maintenance

  • CRM & Database Management

  • Software Implementation

  • Ticketing Software Implementation

Reach out if you want to learn more about how I can help your business today!

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